I beg for your forfiveness for the late introduction

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I beg for your forfiveness for the late introduction

Post by Santi on Fri Mar 21, 2008 2:09 pm

"hey there everyone.. like Ryu id like to extend my sincerist apologies for not posting this up when i first got here to this site... anyway my name is Santi and every since my childhood ive been gifted at jutsus... i suppose that its due to the fact of my Rinnegan... as a young shonobi around the age of 4 i travelled with an elite cell of ninja in order to slay the nine tailed demon fox "Kyuubi" little did i know that i was the subjuct to be infused with the kyuubi... the entire cell of ninja were wiped out from the last desperate attack of the kyuubi.. however he had been sealed in that same instant and began healing my body with his chakra to ensure his survival... after time has come to pass kyuubi has gained much respect for me and my skills without his assistance and now will come to my aid when i request it... all my life ive never had difficulty learning jutsus and have master several hundreds of jutsus and thus seeked to create my own and as of now i am in the process of creating my own jutsu for the world to withness.. and hopefully ill be able to pass on these unique jutsus to the generation of shonobi which i hope to raise and train to be the next great shonobi era...."



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